The Gardens at Circle Oak Ranch

A Private Botanical Garden in Sonoma County, California

About the Gardens

Circle Oak Ranch is a private facility in Petaluma, California and is the home of Circle Oak Equine, a specialized sports medicine practice focusing on performance horses, and over five acres of gardens, focusing on foliage plants. The gardens were begun in the mid-1990s, on reclaimed pasture. The only existing flora were a few ancient oaks and some stands of eucalyptus. Today the gardens are home to over 1700 conifers, trees, shrubs and succulents, many of which are rare in cultivation and in the trade. The gardens have hosted visitors from around the world, and have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and websites. 

Sara and Ron Malone have made their home at Circle Oak since the mid-1990s. Ron was the inspiration and visionary behind the equine veterinary facility, which includes a state of the art surgical suite, a standing MRI and a myriad of rehabilitation therapies. Sara is the garden-maker, and her love of year-round color, texture and structure naturally led her to design the gardens using primarily woody plants and succulents. The gardens are spectacular all year long, with spring's riot of new growth and cones giving way to summer's calming greens and blues, then autumn's fiery shades, finally glowing in winter's softer light. 

Visit by Appointment Only

909 Mustang Court
Petaluma CA 94954